Adults, Teens, and Children

I recognize my clients’ strengths and empower them to identify what they need and the steps they can take to make positive changes. I combine the theoretical orientations of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and narrative therapy to create an exploratory collaborative environment.

I have extensive experience with the following:


Therapy for Adults
I have helped numerous adults stabilize their mood shifts, change behaviors that hindered goal/career achievement, and increase positive family and intimate relationships. I enjoy very much helping guide women and men through the process of getting to know themselves better. In addition, I specialize in helping people decide whether or not they want to become a parent and to start preparing for parenthood.



Therapy for Adolescents
I have worked with many adolescents and their families. This is a difficult time of transition and a time where a person is solidfying their identity. I can help adolescents keep their focus on what is important, and increase positive relationships with family members.



Therapy for Children

When providing services to children I utilize an extensive amount of art therapy to help a child feel more self confidence, do better in school, and have stronger peer relationships. I believe that collaborating with a child’s school is important. I connect with school officials and teachers to ensure all professionals are working together. I have attended numerous IEPs in my practice and have advocated strongly for school accommodations.

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